Oh, Phono.

rhythmic surrealism / maudlin computer music / 08033

Tyger Style

So my homies at Magic Death Sounds, who released my album a few months back, asked me if I could assemble a remix for fellow Death friend. I know him at Gabe, y’all might know him as Tyger Strype.

It took a while to make sense with the stems but something finally started to click once I started rewiring. Been a long time since I flexed with Kong but, in the ho-hum world of Ableton’s Drum Rack, I was once again reminded of both the simplistic joy and microscope potential of it’s design. I’m not one much for heavy sidechain compression but I think I’m beginning to understand that it’s inevitable when working with a ‘chained sub bass >60hZ. But it worked out pretty well this time, I think- gives that kick so much more of an UNH to it instead of gettin’ surgical with an EQ and cutting out a range for it to pop out. 

And, of course, the original.


I’m not sure how many of y’all are familiar with Freesound, or have any practical application, but yo- this is a tremendous database of aural imagination. For the field recording buff to the computer music dork, they’ve helped me get away from the redundant cadence of processed drum kits over the last 5 years.

And for real- if you’ve comb across as many ideas as I have from Freesound, help them stay free, not just in the monetary sense, and hit them with some support. Pass it around, pick up a T-shirt, throw them a couple of bucks, UPLOAD YR OWN SOUNDS.